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Sometimes, even the most elite products can show the effects of wear n’ tear.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the end for your reliable battery charger or trusty torque wrench!

Our in-house technicians are always up for a challenge, and there’s rarely a problem their Lazarus-like powers can’t conquer.

For serious repair issues beyond our powers of redemption, our strong relationships with our brand suppliers will save the day. Rest assured, we can offer you a solid solution, one way or another.

It’s safe to say, HBA has your back!

Man operating crane on truck to lift Petronas oil barrel.
Grinder in action with sparks flying.
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tailor-made repair services

You don’t need repair issues to become more disruptive. We do our best to make maintenance convenient for you, tailoring the specific repair method and resolution time to suit your needs.

fully-trained technicians​

Our in-house technical staff are true professionals that are dedicated to their craft. On top of the latest certifications and training, they possess expert insight and practical knowledge on our wide range of tools and machinery.

cutting-edge solutions

Only the best motor factors in Ireland could do what we do at HBA Distribution. Specialist repair and testing equipment in our service centre enables us to fix the unfixable.

custom-fitted service centre

A bad workman blames his tools but a genius technician works magic with his! Lucky for you, our state-of-the-art workshop is kitted out with all the spare parts, tools and machinery our guys need to get the job done.

Need help with simple repair solutions? Our experts can give you free advice!

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