We have been at the forefront of the automotive aftermarket in Ireland for a long time, so you can be sure that we have promotions on auto parts and car accessories that no other motor factors in Ireland can match. Check out the latest promotions and offers from HBA Distribution below, which are guaranteed value for money.

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Did someone mention Christmas?  Now these are the kind of gifts we can get on board with! This promo is jam-packed with promotions and gift ideas, even an Advent Calendar. Treat yourself if no one else will!

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The Sealey Winter Promotion has over 500 offers inside, including Battery Chargers, Heaters, Lighting and essential winter maintanance  products to see you through the season.  Promotion valid until 28th February 2021.

Give us a call to get the best deal on Sealey Winter equipment.

The Sealey Vehicle Service promotion has arrived and jam packed with over 40 NEW PRODUCTS.
MOT, Brakes, Suspension, you are sure to find whatever you need in this seasons promo.

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SEALEY New Lines Promotion

The Sealey New Lines catalogue features over 1360 new products and up to 51% OFF List Price.
Includes an extensive range of hand tools, vehicle service tools, lubrication, electric power tools and many more. 

For more information on our New Lines Promo, contact the HBA office.  We’re always on hand, ready to help.

This extensive range of professional workstations includes over 300 products, with discounts up to 57% off list price.



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Sealey Agricultural Promotion

With over 280 offers running until 28th February, you are sure to walk away with a great deal.



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