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An International Leader in Professional Tools

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A brand the industry trusts.

Since 1978, Sealey has earned a solid reputation as a reliable supplier of professional tools and garage equipment. Today, Sealey is an internationally-recognised leader with industry professionals all over the globe placing their trust in the brand.

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A solution for every problem.

Sealey boasts a vast range of almost 10,000 products, offering hand tools, power tools, workshop and garage equipment, and vehicle service tools among others. Whatever the problem, you can be sure Sealey has a solution.

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The best aftersales service in the business.

Sealey has a state-of-the-art service centre, which stocks over 130,000 spare parts and strives for a 48-hour turnaround on repairs. This makes Sealey the best in the business at aftersales service.

Why buy Sealey tools from HBA Distribution?

A winning partnership going strong for over 40 years.

HBA Distribution and Sealey have forged a strong partnership that goes back to 1979. Nobody knows the brand like we do. With this relationship and our experience supplying the Irish market, you won’t find a better Sealey dealer anywhere in Ireland.

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Offering you more than anyone else.

HBA has exclusive promotions and special pricing that no other Sealey dealer in Ireland can match. If you want the best of Sealey, at the best prices, the buck stops with HBA.

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Next-day delivery.

HBA offers next-day delivery on all currently stocked Sealey items. We offer 95% order-fill on the entire Sealey catalogue at any time, plus out-of-stock items can quickly be back-ordered from Sealey headquarters in the UK.

Why waste your time with pretenders?

Sealey tools brand logo with white text on red and blue background.

If you want Sealey tools in Ireland,
go for the real deal.

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