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HBA Distribution would be nothing without our incredible team. From our customer support team and warehouse soldiers, to our outside sales reps and the head honchos, we’re lucky to have a close-knit team that can offer you first-rate customer service across the board.

Dermot Haughey - MD

Once left an LA restaurant with his mates because the band’s warm-up was taking too long…only to find out later they were Guns & Roses.
Words of Wisdom
"The man who never made a mistake never made anything."


Dermot has mastered the art of getting into the office before anyone else, and is still there when they’ve all gone home. He has a passion for perfection and a strong belief that if something is worth doing then it’s worth doing right.

Kieran Keenan - Sales Director

In his younger years, Kieran had more hair than all of the current telesales staff put together.
Words of Wisdom
"There's no such thing as can't - drop the 'T'!"


Kieran is a HBA veteran who has been by Dermot’s side for decades, since computers looked like boxes. With the reputation as the go-to guy, and a positive attitude, HBA’s answer to ‘The Gruffalo’ continues to play an instrumental role in driving HBA forward.

Séamus Mackin - Service Manager

Séamus owns a motorhome, which he takes on weekend trips around Ireland.
Words of Wisdom
“Wanna' see a funny video?”


Where you see a broken machine or a problem, Séamus sees an opportunity for creative genius. There isn’t much our in-house Da Vinci can’t fix, so you can be confident sending repairs to HBA.

Paddy Haughey - Director

Paddy once won a slalom skiing competition in Italy, despite blatantly cheating his way to the finish line.
Words of Wisdom
“Watch them roads, they’re like a bottle.”


Paddy has been involved in the company since he was a kid, and this Swiss Army Knife of a man can turn his hand to just about anything, but his specialist area is Pricing & Stock Control. When he’s not buried in Excel sheets, you’ll find him doing wheelies on his dirt-cross bike.

Deirdre McBride - Technical Wizard

Rumor has it that Deirdre can spot BS within a 20-mile radius.
Words of Wisdom
“You're a long time dead.”


Driven by money and power, Deirdre is a woman of many talents. As one of our most computer-savvy millennials, she’s the one we turn to when it comes to dealing with I.T. problems or conjuring up a bit of graphic design magic.

Nuala Smith - Purchase Ledger Clerk

Nuala has consumed several times her own body weight in herbal teas.
Words of Wisdom
“If you're breathing, there is hope.”


While her head is stuck in a purchase ledger for most of the day, Nuala also taps into her background in psychology and social work to encourages better communication among our workforce, and also with our customers.

Tommy Turley - Telesales Manager

Tommy believes that 100 press-ups is the best way to kickstart a Monday.
Words of Wisdom
“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”


After a few quick years in the office, Tommy has become a bonafide parts specialist. As a passionate sportsman and gym rat, he brings a can-do attitude to HBA.

Armenis Mendelis - Product Returns

Armenis can move his ears, but he wants to keep it quiet in case somebody registers him for Britain's Got Talent.
Words of Wisdom
“Get rich or die trying.”


Despite having only joined the company in January, Arminas is already a key player, handling everything from delivery reports and stock control to overseeing return items. When he’s at home, he’s either with his kids or else he’s memorising numbers from the Sealey parts catalogue.

Bernie Smyth - Telesales

Bernie is a big camogie fan, and you may find her cheering on the local team in Ballymacnab.
Words of Wisdom
“You’re here for a good time not a long time.”


Bernie has had her ear burnt off her for almost 20 years, and yet she keeps coming back for more, citing the banter with customers as the best part of the job. After a hard day at the office, this HBA stalwart likes to relax at home by catching up on the latest episodes of Casualty.

Julian Wilken - Area Sales Manager

Julian is an avid Formula One fan who dreams of travelling the globe to watch the races.
Words of Wisdom
“You never get a second chance to create a first impression.”


Our Aussie import was the national sales manager of a huge company down under. Since bringing his sales expertise to the Emerald Isle, Julian has been hitting the roads of Ireland every day, trying to conquer an unexpected language barrier to “help this family-run business battle against corporate giants.”

Brian O'Gorman - Area Sales Manager

Brian is a keen runner and Metallica fan, ensuring he is always pumped up on the road.
Words of Wisdom
“Run, forest, run.”


Brian has been with us for six years, helping HBA nurture valuable business relationships in the southern reaches of Cork, Limerick, and Tipperary.

Arunas Rudys - Distribution Centre Manager

Despite his steely exterior, Arunas is a big fan of pop-punk tunes from Pink.
Words of Wisdom
“Be happy.”


Bringing the efficiency of a finely tuned watch to a busy workplace, Arunas harnesses the power of hot coffee and a positive mindset to make sure everything goes smoothly in the HBA warehouse. Outside of work, he’s an avid mountain biking fan.

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