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Precision and Performance Braking Experts

Young man using order picker to reach Juratek brake discs on high shelf.

Safety before profit.

No other brand offers such high-quality braking products for such reasonable prices. With a team of in-house engineers and strict adherence to ECE-R90 regulations, product integrity and quality is of paramount importance at Juratek.

Juratek brake discs and brake pads.

Style and substance.

Juratek use anti-corrosive paint on their brake discs, even applying it to the vent gap. This ensures the internal structure is protected against corrosive damage, and assures your car maintains its aesthetic appeal.

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Putting the foot down with innovation.

This is a brand at the forefront of the automotive industry, first-to-market on the majority of braking applications. Considering the surcharge-free offers and constant upgrades, Juratek is the wise choice for value-for-money braking.

Why buy Juratek from HBA Distribution?

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The trusted partner in Ireland.

HBA Distribution is an official partner of Juratek, and has been the appointed distributor of Juratek products since 2009. As a result, Juratek is rapidly becoming the number one choice for braking components in Ireland.

Young man using order picker to reach Juratek brake discs on high shelf.

Quality products, quality service.

This partnership gives motor factors in Ireland the chance to buy premium-quality products that are packaged and distributed by professionals in the Irish motor trade. Because of that, warranty claims against Juratek products from HBA are virtually non-existent.

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Next-day delivery.

We’ve been in the business long enough to know that brake pads and discs aren’t something you want to be waiting around for. At any time, you can expect a bare minimum of 95% order-fill on the entire Juratek catalogue, and we offer next-day delivery nationwide.

Brakes you can believe in.

Juratek brand logo with blue text.

Buy Juratek.

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