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Smarter Energy Storage

Power grid with cables and electrical infrastructure.

Tough technology that saves time and money.

Exide offers advanced energy storage solutions that tackle problems like flooding and vibrations. Exide batteries perform better, recharge faster, and ultimately, save people time and money that would otherwise be wasted.

Man in suit standing in front of car in late 1800s.

Proven on land, sea, air, and the moon.

Since being founded over 130 years ago, Exide batteries have been used in war planes, navy submarines, and even in NASA Apollo space missions, including the first lunar landing. The world trusts Exide to the moon and back. So, you can too.

Recyclable car batteries.

Environmentally conscious.

Exide provides Total Battery Management to save you the hassle of battery disposal. This sustainable practice recoups 99% of the lead, and neutralizes massive amounts of sulfuric acid, making Exide one of the biggest secondary recyclers on the planet.

Why buy Exide from HBA Distribution?

Man organizing stock of Exide car batteries.

We have the full range covered.

Whether you need a battery for a car, a heavy-goods industrial vehicle or a motorbike, HBA is the only call you need to make. We stock and supply the entire Exide range, complete with extensive warranty coverage - not that you'll need it!

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Secure transport and delivery.

Nobody wants to receive busted car batteries that leak everywhere. Our professionals are fully-trained to handle Exide products. We always make sure your order is safe and secure for the journey ahead, so it's no surprise that warranty claims on Exide products are practically zero.

Man using forklift to load package onto a truck.

Next-day delivery.

HBA offers next-day delivery on our full stock of Exide products. What’s ours today can be yours tomorrow. If it’s not on our shelves when you call, we can place a special order to ensure you’ll have what you need within 72 hours.

You need the best car battery.

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You need Exide.

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