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Elite Products Invented for the Modern World

Display stand of Bosch power tools including drills, sander, and jigsaw.

A global leader.

Bosch needs no introduction. This tech giant is a leading force in mobility solutions, consumer goods, energy, and industrial technology. Whether it’s power tools or car parts, when you buy Bosch, you know you are getting solutions from an elite global brand.

Row of white vehicles, including cars and heavy-goods vehicles.

Committed to the automotive aftermarket.

The Automotive Aftermarket division (AA) in Bosch employs over 18,000 people across 150 countries. This huge network is dedicated to providing customers with a massive range of spare parts and aftercare solutions, which includes diagnostic software and repair-shop technology.

Display stand of Bosch power tools in HBA Powerstore.

Invented for life.

The Bosch Group is spearheading many initiatives in the digital age, aiming to create better products and services that are suited for today’s world. With this focus on the future, Bosch considers the problems you face, then delivers the products you need.

Why buy Bosch from HBA Distribution?

Man in blue jacket stocking Bosch products in HBA Powerstore.

Filters for comfort, safety, and health.

Premium-quality filters have been a mainstay at HBA for decades. When Bosch announced they were creating innovative filters that protect against harmful gases, dust, and allergens, we were quick to get on board. You can find these health-focused filters at bargain prices with us.

Wiper on glass window on cloudy and wet day.

Wipers for all weather.

The rain is never far away in Ireland. Luckily, we offer Bosch’s full range of advanced wiper solutions, which guarantee outstanding visibility and performance in any weather, rain or snow, day or night.

Man in blue jacket delivering package to younger man in black jacket.

Next-day delivery.

HBA stocks the entire Bosch filters range across Oil, Fuel, Air & Cabin, alongside the full package of wipers in the Car & HGV line. We offer 99% order-fill on first-pick and next-day delivery on all items.

It's time for better.

Bosch brand logo with red text and silver motif.

It's time for Bosch.

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